WordPress, take 1

This was way easier than blosxom, which after almost a whole day's customization still looks like this. And that's only after stealing dons' stylesheet and template. Plenty of stuff that doesn't really work without hacking it in, or finding a plugin, or the right template (if it's still around - the main blosxom page has plenty of broken links, esp. when it comes to plugins and "flavours").

The whole WordPress installation took perhaps 10-15 minutes, and that's including setting up the database, running the setup wizard, adding a new non-admin account in wordpress and installing markdown, wp-syntax and the Syntax Highlighting with Markdown in Wordpress changes as recommended by conal.

And here's some haskell code!

-- Test some haskell code

fib = 1:1:zipWith (+) fib (tail fib)

And now back in the blog text!

-- And a final line of haskell
main = mapM_ print . take 20 $ fib

I guess this pretty much proves that Wordpress is easier to use and more mature than blosxom. This may well become my long-in-planning programming and haskell blog!

There's a little bit of a problem though. The second run of code lines above becomes highlighted as plain text - this is because the first code block is marked {{lang:haskell}} while the second one isn't. What I'd like here is for them to keep the same language as the previous code block, which would be nice for any literal-haskell-ish blog posts I might post later on. And I really don't want to have to write {{lang:haskell}} every other line of blog post. I could of course let haskell be the default rather than text, but what if I want to blog about some other language? Hmm... Let's see if I get around to hacking markdown/highlighting any time soon.

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